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THE BOOK: “BLACK AND WHITE” by Howard Epstein

BLACK AND WHITE is a book of 32 evocative images of political conflict and confrontations in the streets taken by Howard Epstein when he was a photographer for Liberation News Service.

The collection of images is a visceral flashback to the political turmoil of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Epstein’s photographs will resonate both for people who lived through those struggles and those organizing and protesting today.

The introduction by Ken Light, Professor of Photojournalism at UC Berkeley, locates the book within its historical context and provides details of Liberation News Service work and life. Additional commentary is provided by David Bacon, photojournalist and political organizer, and Todd Gitlin, Professor of Journalism, Columbia University.

BLACK AND WHITE can be purchased for $20 from our distributor, PM Press.

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send him.jpg“Send HIM back”

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abort“Abort the Patriarchy”

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Venez“USA Hands OFF Venezuela”

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About the Benjamins“All About the Benjamins”

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Ilhan speaks“Ilhan speaks for me”

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Destroy“Make AmeriKKKa Great Again”



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Heil Trump!

“Heil Drumpf”


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